Morning, Folks,

So, this post will be brief! Yesterday, I got into essay-land. Hope you hung in there and gave my reflection a chance.

Today, I will start what becomes an ongoing Friday post: The Roundup.

On Fridays, I will recap what I posted during the week, following this schedule:

Sunday: a reflective post (like yesterday’s!)

Tuesday: an archival tidbit, something cool from my ongoing research, including                   updates from my across-the-country travels

Thursday: an excerpt from the book manuscript-in-progress

So, this week, I kicked off this new schedule by reflecting on the presidential election. That’s it. That’s what I did. (Soon, with the help of an intern, I will learn how to place links to previous posts into this text!)

I wish you a calm, productive weekend, and I’ll be talking at you on Sunday from New York City.



About dhaines54

Dawn Denham (formerly Haines) lives in the hill country of North Central Mississippi where she's writing a book about her mentor at the Eastman School of Music mezzo-soprano Jan DeGaetani and teaching writing at Oxford High School. Her work has been published in Poets and Writers magazine, Brevity, Zone 3, Literary Mama, and WILLA. Her book with authors Jacqueline Raphael and Susan Newcomer Writing Together: Transforming Your Writing in a Writing Group was the first book of its kind published in the US. Her essay Aleatorik about her mother’s death won the 2012 Solstice magazine Creative Nonfiction prize chosen by Jerald Walker and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She received an MFA in Nonfiction from Vermont College of Fine Arts, an MA in Rhetoric and Composition from the University of Arizona, and a BM in Voice from Eastman School of Music.
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